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Restore MATT TRAKKER from M.A.S.K.

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We the Fans of M.A.S.K. first off are delighted and proud that M.A.S.K. is back in the media with IDW and Hasbro's new cinematic universe.

Now with a relaunch and re imagining change is expected. There are a few issues we have. The biggest issue is the race change of Matt Trakker. Now nobody is advocating and suggesting Matt Trakker can't be black.

Our issue is through the work we have seen all of the characters are similar except Matt Trakker our favorite character. Matt was given a more generic back story and a race swap. We understand Trakker as a rich white blonde haired single father that runs M.A.S.K. would likely change in this incarnation.

A change like a race or gender swap is uninspiring. M.A.S.K. had always been a very diverse show of people of all gender, race, working together. This feels like a cheap politically correct ploy for added diversity. Yet this is alienating the fans who will were going to run out, and buy everything M.A.S.K. and share the love of the franchise by introducing it to the younger generation. Mobile Armored Strike Kommand is part of Geek/Nerd culture and we accept some change but nothing as large as this. Brandon I know as a child you might have wanted Matt as a black protagonist, and we respect that. there were other black characters such as Hondo to make as leader of M.A.S.K. We are excited you are bringing your brand of innovation to the project. Just we implore you listen to the fans. Restore Matt. While you are currently in charge of this project as the writer you must remember Matt doesn't belong to you, he belongs to the fans. This as you know is not a racially biased petition this would be going up if you gave him red hair and a funny mustache. The only thing we didn't really want changed was the look of Matt Trakker.

We have been waiting close to thirty years for new M.A.S.K. material and want Matt Trakker retconned to his non race swap character. You can keep the Elon Musk like Bad Boy persona. We have just come to expect Matt to have a certain look. You could have changed any other character such as Mayhem but Matt is almost Sacred to us. IDW, Hasbro, Brandon and Tony, there is still time to change him back. Most fans will pick up the first issue but the sustanability of the series is very much in doubt. things like this turn off the people that would first buy it.

We the fans of the show, comics, and toys, have gone on far more adventures with Matt and M.A.S.K. then what was ever given to us to consume through reading or watching. He was one of the first cartoon/toy heros for us and expect him to look a certain way.

IDW, HASBRO; Please restore Matt Trakker's original Race and Look.

please sign this petition so we can forward it. You can write what M.A.S.K. and Matt Trakker have meant to you.

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