Jump In The IELTS Exam Fees In Iran!

Jump In The IELTS Exam Fees In Iran!

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To Honorable Managers Of The IELTS Exam:

On August 4th, 2020, Iranian IELTS exam centers published an announcement on their websites as follows:
According to discretion and communique of the Iranian Examination of Education Organization, as an observer authority of holding international exams in Iran, from this date, a new fee for the IELTS exam has been determined!
the exam fee jumped too much unexpectedly!

In the last few years, the exam fee jumped many times as well.
But the latest fee is not logical, affordable, equitable, and acceptable at all!
the former Exam Fee was 30,500,000 Rials, but it jumped to 46,095,000 Rials, which is a more than 50% increase. A large number of exam applicants are students and they spent so much time and cost a lot to study for the IELTS to get ready for the exam, but now are not able to pay this expensive fee due to the unsuitable financial condition of the students.

This decision was suddenly declared while some of the applicants had booked their exams and paid the previous fee and now they are forced to pay the rest of the cost; Otherwise, they are not allowed to attend the exam due to the rules!; if they could not pay the rest of fee!

Actually, due to the recent critical economic condition in Iran, the state excuse which was given for this jump in price is the rise of currencies value (probably for the US or Australian dollar); however, from 3 years ago, rate of all kinds of dollars and any other currency in Iran, are constantly increasing almost every single month!

Anyway, with the essential role of the IELTS for skilled or academic Immigration, Iranian students cannot and should not expiate this issue, during these critical days of spreading the dangerous COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Furthermore, due to this recent crisis, they also could not travel abroad for attending the exam at any other center of the IELTS exam.

So, the Iranian students are deeply complaining about the last unfair fee, and are asking the IELTS authorities or any other managers, for an urgent reconsideration about this issue and request to negotiate with Iranian IELTS centers or any other responsible officials, for instant deduction of the recent rates instead of the previous fee or set a new logical and affordable fee.

In other words, We expect the authorities to consider a fundamental review for setting up a new equitable and affordable fee for the exam applicants in Iran; which should be maximally around the previous cost or lower than it (30'500'000 Rials);
Otherwise, most of the applicants or students could not able to attend the exam with this huge expense and they may withdraw from their booking and attending the IELTS and continuing from any higher education or possibly they pursue other alternative exams which be more convenient and inexpensive.

Finally, we are asking and looking for an immediate solution to tackle this issue as soon as possible. the best urgent action would be revoking the new expensive fee and we expect this fee considered as an illegal payment by IDP or any other Authority; and if you think that it would never be possible, we’ll appreciate if you consider a special offer or a remarkable discount for Iranian applicants according to the disastrous economic condition of the Iranians.

Many of The Iranian IELTS Applicants and Students
August 2020


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0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!