Get Andrew Boone Back Into the CHS Senior Girls Groupchat

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Earlier this year I was added to the senior girls groupchat at my high school, Collierville High School. After months of rarely looking at it, mostly because the chat consists entirely of people requesting the same homework that has already been requested five times that day, I was ejected from the groupchat without any explanation. Now you might say that I was kicked based on the small detail that I am not nor do I identify as a female, but I would counter that point by noting that there is no set of guidelines or rules for the groupchat, and certainly not one pertaining to any requirements for membership. Also, I never said anything offensive in the groupchat to warrant my removal, as I never said anything at all. I have spent the last few months of my membership in the groupchat carefully plotting out what joke I would make and I finally thought of the perfect one when I was so rudely removed. My eviction from the groupchat has no basis or just cause and can only be described as sexist and deplorable. Join with me and sign this petition to prove to the CHS Senior Girls Groupchat that the world will not stand for such discrimination and that jokes have no gender. 

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