Greater Manchester Police, stop protecting paedophiles and start protecting our children!

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Following the Operation Augusta report, further corruption in the police has been uncovered. Not only have the police consciously ignored the grooming and allowed the gangs to operate, but they have been proactive in covering this up. When the children cried out for help, they were arrested and called "child prostitutes" (a term that was accepted until recently), when the fathers tried to stop their children from being raped they were arrested and called "racist". 

Police and politicians, there is no hiding anymore. The public know what you have done and we know that you continue to do it - despite being exposed. It is time that Greater Manchester Police, and other forces across the country, were open and transparent about what has happened and act quickly to resolve it. 

The relationship between the police and the general public has broken down due to said corruption. In order to fix this the following must now be done; 

1) Clear identification of those who have been involved in facilitating and assisting in the grooming and rape gangs. 

2) Any officers involved (or who were aware of the events) must be removed from the force immediately and subject to misconduct hearings. 

3) All those involved must be prosecuted and subject to any other appropriate legal proceedings. 

As it is unlikely that the police will take appropriate action in bringing their own to justice, we also call on Andy Burnham, the Independent Office for Police Conduct  (IOPC) and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to intervene and help obtain some justice for the children and their families. 

For those who were (or perhaps still are) in doubt, this can no longer be dismissed as a "racist" conspiracy theory. It is there, in black and white from the main stream media, the Mayor, the police themselves and the government in various forms. 

When the police, whose job it is to "protect and serve", facilitate the most heinous crimes on our most vulnerable it is a sign of a rapidly failing society. As for the rest of us, we are not moral, civilised people if we do not at least try to do something to stop this. Even if it is as simple as putting a signature on a petition.