Makes Megadimension Neptunia V-ii get animated

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We want to see megadimension get animated. Since they makes Neptunia ova about Big Neptune.

Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation Season 2 isn't dream anymore. The arc is awesome. Especially gold third arc, you can make differents point of view of 4 different cpu. Is actually animeable. Imagine this. We can see Uzume, Kurome, Gold Third, and Umio

We can calculate like this. If we have second season

Zerodimension Z arc = 4 episode long (actually 3 but we will missing orientation in next arc)

Hyperdimension G arc = 5 episode long (1 ep / char. And beat affimojas)

Heartdimension H arc = 4 episode long (one with captured cpu. One with cpu candidates as protagonis. One with battle with kurome. the last ep is resurrected true end route)

Cyberdimension 4go arc =  is actually can be an ova. Because the story is short and for fun

Total 13 episode and one ova. It's totally normal for seasonal anime

This means. It's have potential to became second season. Do you see they makes ova about big neptune? Support this petition to make ch/if makes second season about this