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Move the cafeteria tables so they face each other

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The importance of eating any meal facing your friends and family is unmeasurable. Historically speaking, the final details on how to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis happened over a meal; James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton solved the gridlock over Revolutionary War debts over a meal; Jesus had his "Last Supper" over a meal; The Congress in Vienna, one of the most important political gatherings in European history that resulted in a period of peace that lasted about a century, over a meal; and holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are celebrated over a meal. Would anything come from these meals if people were not able to face each other while eating? If people were not able to make eye contact, as we are taught to make in IDEA, while the other person is speaking? The answer is simply no. Furthermore, as IDEA Students, we are regarded to the highest esteems and expected to do great things, but great things come when ideas are shared and improved among individuals. This is impossible if the only free time we have to talk to our friends, we are either forced to face the wall, only permitting us to talk to the people directly next to us or forced to turn around uncomfortably while eating with food on our laps just to be able to converse. This injustice can no longer be tolerated. Please sign this petition to resolve that all the lunch tables no longer face the walls, and instead are placed as they were last school year, facing each other.

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