Idaho Animal Law Enforcement

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On July 23rd of 2020, a woman who was videotaped punching a dog was not charged due to "insufficient evidence". The video had surfaced and went viral in a matter of seconds. The video spread so rapidly, that even the Idaho Humane Society started an investigation. This had taken place in May and the IHS was waiting for the Idaho Prosecutor's office to review the case, which they then decided that the woman in the video would NOT be charged. Below is a statement from the City of Boise.

"The City declined charges due to insufficient evidence to prosecute under relevant state and city code. We have an ethical obligation to not proceed on cases where there is insufficient evidence to meet the burden of proof."

Although there were no injuries to the animal, this type of abuse which was considered "just playing around", should not be tolerated. 

I've started this petition in hope that Animal protection will be enforced more to a higher standard. The video has been removed, but can still be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The evidence is very visible and is frightening that the City of Boise states there is insufficient evidence.

With this petition, I hope to reach the Idaho Legislature and City Council members, in order to update and enforce new laws since the relevant state and city code was not enough to prosecute.