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Father's Rights

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Father's in the Family Courts have not been given the same opportunity as women to prove their case. Time and time again men have been shoved aside because women's emotions have played a large part in judge's decisions on who can retain custody of the children instead of what is in the best interest. Too many times the children's feelings are never taken into account. In many states the mediator is allowed to weigh in and in this state this person is just a waste of money. If a man seems upset at all he is deemed agressive and a threat to everyone around him. While a women who gets upset is just showing she is a victim of abuse from former spouse. The judges here have a track record almost always siding with the woman and never the men, no matter if the men go through hoops to follow every instruction to the letter. This psychological testing for court is also biased and needs to be looked at. The court system needs to join the 21st century and get out of the 18th century and realize not all children are better off with their mother's. 

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