Legalize Lighted Nocks in Idaho

Legalize Lighted Nocks in Idaho

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Kody Craner
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Idaho currently is the last remaining state that does not allow the use of lighted nocks during Big Game seasons. We are hoping to change that. I have started the Idaho Lighted Nock Alliance on Facebook and have written a proposal to submit to the IDFG commission requesting an exception to the current rule. 

In 2014 Pope and Young changed their by-laws allowing the use of lighted nocks for trophy animals entered into the record books. They have found that lighted nocks still fall within the “fair chase” standards that were set. Since that time 4 of the 5 remaining states have approved the use of lighted nocks. Idaho is the only one left. 

A lighted nock does not give any advantage to the hunter over the animal. The only advantage the lighted nock provides is a better chance of recovering your arrow and spotting your impact. Spotting your shot is crucial to knowing you have made a good impact, a marginal impact, or a clean miss. Next comes recovering your arrow. If you missed you are now able to pick up your arrow and take it out of the woods rather than leaving it as litter. If you hit the animal it gives you a chance to find the arrow and to inspect it for what kind of shot was made. This gives you a plan on how to proceed to tracking the animal for recovery. 

If recovering your arrow can lead to more animals being harvested and not wasted then that’s a win for sportsmen. We owe it to ourselves, the citizens of Idaho, and the animals to make an ethical shot and recover the animal as quickly as possible. 

There is no evidence that shows to many animals will be harvested or that seasons need to be shortened. There is also no evidence to show that once you allow a lighted nock that all electronics must be allowed. 

I ask you for your support in this exception or rule change to allow Idaho to join all the rest of the states in this great country and allow the use of lighted nocks!