Idaho Dept of Fish & Game-You Must Change-Humane/Habitat/Migration Actions Now

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Idaho Department of Fish & Game (IDFG) has violated the public trust by catering to special interests. IDFG has planned the destruction of wildlife to protect special interest priorities and profits. IDFG must be managed according to, and conduct their operations in alignment with, values and priorities consistent with the undersigned Citizens:

1.  Stop the elk depredation hunt; refund the tags (Idaho Mountain Express, 10/9/19).

2. Stop using increased tag sales and other lethal actions to address depredation.

3. Partner with rehabilitation, rescue groups and sanctuaries to preserve wildlife; improve tranquilizer medication readiness. 

4.  Integrate humane wildlife management and citizen participation into policy development, decisions and operations.

5. Work with citizens, government officials and property owners to establish habitat (especially for winter).

6. Work with citizens and property owners to solve winter feeding needs.

6. Work with Idaho Transportation Department, citizens, government officials and property owners to establish migration route solutions.

7. Work with citizens, property owners and government officials to establish improved habitat for all species (e.g., pollinators, butterfly's, etc.).