Stop Idaho Fish&Game Electrofishing removal of Wild South Fork of the Snake Rainbows

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Idaho Department of Fish and Game continues to Hurt South Fork Anglers Chances

In 2019 IDF&G electrofishing boats removed over 5000 wild resident rainbow trout from Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake.

In 2020 ID F&G plans to ramp up their electrofishing efforts and increase the numbers of wild resident rainbow trout removed from the South Fork of the Snake.

We strongly encourage Idaho Department of Fish & Game adopt an inclusive management plan that focuses on Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat tributary population restorations, while celebrating the South Fork’s diverse and wild trout populations. Along with an emphasis on wild Snake River Fine spotted cutthroat reproductive protections in all the South Fork’s tributaries.

In order to execute the above-mentioned inclusive management plan, we ask that the Idaho Department of Fish & Game consider the following trout management strategies:

1. Leave the main stem of the South Fork of the Snake as it is, a world-famous diverse fishery. Celebrate that diversity while not letting ID F&G vilify the rainbow trout. It is imperative that all management tactics and resources are directed to protect Snake River Cutthroat spawning tributaries, while acquiring water rights to ensure adequate water supplies for spawning activity and juvenile trout survival.
2. Bolster Snake River Finespotted Cutthroat populations by using trout egg boxes in all the South Fork tributaries, with the goal to increase juvenile Snake River Cutthroat trout reproductive success.
3. Stock Snake River Finespotted Cutthroats to replace the losses due to electrofishing harvest.
4. Implement a pure rainbow harvest limit of 6 fish. 
5. Catch and Release on all Wild Cutthroat and all trout hybrids.
6. Close all tributaries for spawning season and support catch and release practices during the rest of the year.
Idaho’s South Fork of the Snake is the most successfully diverse fishery in the world. That diversity needs to be celebrated, not vilified. The vast majority of sports fisherman, local businesses and the public would like to keep it that way for generations to come!