Protect rape victims in Blaine County from being re-victimized

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I am starting this petition to appeal to the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole, our friends, friends of friends, our family, and strangers to ensure a convicted rapist, Mark Karlovich, does not pose an ongoing threat to the community and is NOT released back into Blaine County to live in the same small town and neighborhood that his victims live in. It is vital an offender does not impose an ongoing risk to the community as well as his victim/s. There needs to be accountability on his part for the crimes he committed against not just one girl but two young girls when they were only 14 years old. I am not disillusioned into thinking Karlovich has to stay in jail for the rest of his life and I am not after retribution. The judge ordered a sentence to be served and I am confident he gave a sentence fitting to the crime that was committed. I am simply asking that we all continue to fight for the victims and the safety of our community.

If you know our story, please sign this petition. If you are new to our plight, please read on and consider signing. My daughter has a voice and we are going to use it to raise awareness and to continue to fight for the other rape victims that were too afraid to come forward. If Mark Karlovich is to be released from prison in September 2016 or earlier I do worry about the safety of the community and the safety of his previous victims and here is why: 

  1. Mark Karlovich (IDOC inmate #107642) pled guilty to one count of rape with two victims on March 19, 2013. You can view Karlovich’s felony rape charge by visiting the Idaho Repository website (click the link and do a name search for Mark Karlovich). Two years later, on March 16th, 2015, Karlovich had his first parole hearing which was denied due to not having an aftercare plan, his lack of programing completion, and bad behavior. Karlovich was told to “clean up his behavior” by the parole commission and he proved once again that he has a complete lack of authority by getting into trouble while in prison. He also has a continued lack of respect for women (there was an incident in prison involving Karlovich and a female prison guard). Karlovich sealed his parole denial and his own fate. He also took no ownership of the crime he committed and showed zero remorse for raping two 14-year-old girls. Keep in mind he raped one girl and was put in jail, bonded out of jail and one month later went on to rape another 14-year-old girl. If a man cannot follow the rules in prison how is he going to follow them outside of prison? 
  2. I am concerned Karlovich will reoffend based upon his lack of remorse and the fact that his support system (his family) denies that he committed a violent crime against two 14-year-old girls. His family lacks empathy when it comes to their son’s victims. They continue to deny the fact that their son committed a violent crime. This was evident at the parole hearing when Karlovich’s mother was given an opportunity to speak and she said “my son is a good Christian man and not a violent criminal”. This led to a sharp rebuke by one of the parole commissioners stating “your son raped not only one girl but two, I am going to respectfully disagree with you, he is a violent criminal”. Karlovich’s family continues to blame their son’s rape victims for his imprisonment. Karlovich’s mother, his relatives and friends have taken it upon themselves to harass my daughter on social media. His mother had the audacity to contact my daughter via social media soon after the parole hearing, sending her a message stating “Really, more lies,” in reference to my daughter’s victim impact statement that was read aloud at the parole hearing. His mother has since deleted her posts, however, I was able to save them before they were deleted and will be sending them to the parole commission for consideration with this petition. It is because of the continued denial of any crimes taking place by Karlovich and his family that I fear for my daughter’s safety and that of the community. If a person cannot admit to their faults, how can they learn from them? If you have a family that cannot accept their son’s actions were wrong, then how can they support his rehabilitation after his release from prison? Having gone through the first parole hearing, Karlovich knows what he needs to do and say in order to get out of prison. I truly hope he is reformed and can be a productive member of society so he doesn’t hurt anyone else like he has hurt my daughter and another girl.
  3. In order to prevent continued anguish, I am asking that the Commission of Pardons and Parole not release Karlovich back into Blaine County. This is my daughter’s home, her safe place, the place she will come home to. I don’t want her to fear walking around town and having to run into Karlovich. We do not have a restraining order or a no contact order in place (the Prosecutor’s office did not renew that after a year or so into Karlovich’s prison sentence) to keep Karlovich away from my daughter and his other victim. My daughter ­­­should not have to live in fear when she just got her life back in order. It took nearly 4 years for her to find her happiness and I am asking that you please do not strip her of that by allowing Karlovich to roam free in Blaine County. 

Karlovich will more than likely be paroled, please do not allow this man to haunt and re-victimize his victims. Please stand with my daughter and my family and ask the Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole to impose strict guidelines regarding no unsupervised contact with minor females, except for his sister, and to not allow Karlovich to reside in or visit Blaine County. My daughter and Karlovich’s other victims deserve to live a life free of fear, they should not have to see their rapist walking the same streets they do day in and day out. The victims have suffered enough. Please grant them this request. By signing this petition, you are supporting victims of rape, you are using your voice to speak out for rape victims who couldn’t come forward, and you are trying to keep Blaine County safe from a convicted rapist. Thank you for your continued support and consideration.

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