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Let Mick Gordon mix the FULL Doom Eternal OST release and/or return for future Doom games

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News is quickly spreading that Mick Gordon, legendary music composer for Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal (2020) was not allowed to mix the entire Doom Eternal soundtrack. That’s is, the release version for streaming, not the actual music in-game which he crafted to perfection. This is evident from the Collectors’ Edition release, that came out today but is not up to his standards. It will be releasing on Spotify “in the coming weeks.”

To his and many others dismay, most tracks are “over compressed” and outright rushed. 
A fan pointed this out on Twitter and Mick responded, confirming that if he had mixed it personally, this would not be the case. Additionally, as shown in an instagram DM conversation screenshot provided by ResetEra, he may no longer be working at ID Software under Bethesda for any future titles. This is likely due to the minimal control and input he was given in mixing his own hard work for release, unlike with his Doom 2016 release. While the legitimacy of the screenshot is currently unknown, it still reminds us what is at stake

Mr Gordon has a large, growing and loyal following, not just in the gaming industry but also in music. Joe Vargas of the influential Angry Joe Show Youtube channel is an open fan. The purpose of this petition is to raise further awareness, in the hopes that he can be given the permission by ID and Bethesda to re-mix his own intellectual property to standard. Ideally, in time for the release on streaming platforms such as Spotify.

Fans alike agree that a future Doom release without Mick Gordon would be lacklustre. If this is how it’s going to be, then the franchise as a whole is only going downhill just like all other recent Bethesda publications. He deserves better 




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