CS students wanting 2nd exam cycle and voluntary opt out from ICSI

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As the vision and mission of ICSI says, "To be the global leader in promoting good corporate governance & to develop high caliber professionals."

Are they really aiming for achieving such?Due to this covid 19 pandemic, the June 20 attempt got postponed and now 2 terms students will be appearing in the Dec 20 attempt and still the covid situation has not eradicated. Already the number of students appearing will be higher which will raise the chances of catching virus despite of various precautions. Many students have to even travel miles to reach their centers. The children as well as their parents are concern about the health and safety. So it's a humble request to ICSI to either-

1) postpone the exams to Jan/Feb,or

2) provide 2nd exam cycle in Jan/Feb,&

3) open the voluntary opt out option till the end.

We want right to equality as well as safety.

This will really boost the morale and confidence of the students those who want to appear in Dec 20 and those who want to give but at later stage so that their year won't get waste as well as their health won't be at stake.

Thank You