A solution to the inaccuracy in our IB results

A solution to the inaccuracy in our IB results

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Dear ICS students and parents,

I hope you are all well and safe considering the current situation,

I am creating this petition to allow us, as students and parents to unite and claim a solution for the inaptitude we have been shown by the ICS staff to predict our grades, a solution for us that have been faced with grades that are 3-7 points below our predicted ones, a solution to those who will not be meeting any of their offers but, most importantly, a solution to all of us who have worked hard to earn the marks we deserve and have been faced with injustice by both the IB Diploma committee and our school.

I have written to both, Mr Kuipers; our IB coordinator and Mr Bottex. I would really appreciate it if you could read the following email and hopefully, if you feel like you agree with what I say and stand for, sign this petition and bring justice to the class of 2020.

It is with great disappointment I wish you all the best and hope you are all well after these shocking news.

Dear Mr Kuipers,

I hope this email finds you well and safe,

I am writing to you regarding the recently revealed IB grades. I am truly disappointed and in shock with the current situation, not only do I believe the marks wrongfully reflect the potential of us as students but, above all, I believe it is unacceptable for you as our teachers and school community to have given us all such inaccurate predictions. Ones which we had all used to apply and gotten into both our firm and second options but more importantly, ones which are now 3-7 points off our now steady IB marks and do not meet our conditional offers.

As a student that has been at ICS for 15 years, I honestly expected a lot more from your side. I have always idealized ICS as a community, I’d go as far as to call it a family, I’ve seen the alumni over the years graduating and thanking you as their mentors for your hard work into placing them on the right path. All I can say, is that I can’t say the same for this year of students, we all feel betrayed, lied to and let down by whom we though was our family.

After the incident with my brother Nicolás, I began to doubt this whole idea of a family, I began to believe what I had been hearing whilst I was studying abroad may be in fact true, listening to everyone say that ICS had changed and that, the school no longer cared about our wellbeing. I’ve now not only believed it but experienced it first hand and, it is with great certainty that I say that I feel immense regret for ever coming back. My friends in boarding school, some which weren’t even academically competitive against myself, have all been awarded the marks they were predicted with the exception of a few that have been awarded 1, maximum 2 points less.

I’m speechless, I don’t even know how to contact my university, one I frankly wasn’t even worried about meeting their requirements but now have been faced with a situation in which I have to beg and explain why my “6-7” in Visual Arts is a low 4. I am speaking for myself, but I’d like to let you know that a great majority of my classmates are in the same or worse situations, they are not meeting the requirements for any of their choices. The lucky ones will get in through persuasion, others will have to start applying again and frankly, the rest will not be able to go at all. I don’t think this is acceptable or fair after our hard efforts not only during the diploma years but throughout our growth into adulthood.

I am tired of being overlooked at and being mocked by the leaders at our school, I really hope this serves you to understand the harm your actions can cause to a group of 80 students destined to do great things. In all honesty, I really hope you reconsider your position in the school and maybe realize that after all these failed careers you and your team are not eligible to drive a class into their futures.

Thank you for your time, I really hope we can find a solution to this and we can bring the unison of family and teamwork there used to be at ICS back into this school that has brought us all so much joy.

Yours respectfully,

Claudia Martin Manzano
Grade 12 student