ICICI Prudential: Create commercials to empower daughters

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We need commercials to educate the society - the right way

My parents provided me their best. They equally cared for my brother and I, treating us the same always. My parents went beyond  their means - put their only house on mortgage. However it was not for my wedding, but for my higher education. I am now an independent working woman.

In the initial year of my career, I bought insurance plans like pension plan, mediclaim to safeguard my future. But it had never occurred to me to buy any plan for my parents for their old age care. They are the ones who were behind of me to save and make financial plans, but they never asked anything for them. I am here, standing tall in life because of the sacrifices my parents made. I owe it them big time. If not everything atleast care during their old age, when they need me the most. 

Soon after my marriage, I had a shocking realisation - I was no longer my parents' daughter. My in-laws think, I should only focus on them and their well being. They have every right on me and my hard-earned money. Whenever I wanted to support my parents financially, it created havoc in my married life. To avoid this, I had to lie and cut my personal expenses to save money for my parents. But every time I gave some amount to my parents, I felt guilty and ashamed by doing it like I'm doing a crime. It was suffocating and frustrating.

I understand that my spouse is raised in an orthodox and patriarchal surrounding. Although he loves me, he just doesn't know how to fight these regressive mindsets and take a stand for his wife. And I also understand that me being an ordinary individual, can't fight against a cultural issue that exists for centuries which don't allow married daughters to take care of their parents although the law of our country says so. But I can’t be silently suffering like this. While I was thinking what can I do in my small capacity to create an awareness on this issue, I bumped into the commercial by ICICI Prudential on "achche bande". I searched and watched all the commercials made by them.

Most of commercials talk about responsibilities of parents towards their children. And mostly, dependency of women on their men. I want to say that we daughters have already traveled few extra miles with support of our parents. We are capable of taking care of our parents too. 

Wouldn't it be great if ICICI Prudential can promote this change - Daughters too can take care of their parents's financial needs?

We need to change. Daughters have every right to take care of their parents as an adult, married or not. We are not 'paraya dhan'. We are equally responsible and capable to take care of our parents.