Stop using “Bullhook” and “Drill” on elephants as soon as possible.

Stop using “Bullhook” and “Drill” on elephants as soon as possible.

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発信者:動物解放団体 リブ|Animal Liberator 宛先:Ichihara Elephant Kingdom(


Do you know "Bullhook"?
It is a tool that the elephant of the photograph has.
An elephant training tool with a metal hook.
Beat, stab, and hook the elephant to give orders.

"Drill" is another training tool for elephants.
I stab the elephant's head and the back of my ear and give instructions.

How to use bullhooks and drills. (Please subscribe)
Ichihara Elephant Kingdom (Bullhook)
Okinawa Zoo & Museum (Drill)

Bull hooks and drills are used at zoos and safari parks.
Elephants are stabbed each time the audience enjoys the show.
Bullhook is a world-famous tool and is opposed all over the world.

Remember the name “Bullhook”.

The facilities that used "Bullhook"
Ichihara Elephant Kingdom, Nihondaira Zoo, Hitachi Kamine Zoo, Asa Zoological Park, Himeji City Zoo, etc
Facilities that used "Drill"
Okinawa Zoo & Museum, Tohoku Safari Park, Iwate Safari Park, Nasu World Monkey Park

The secret of training
Training is actually violence.
It is to prevent the elephant from planting fear of human beings through violence since childhood.

The secret of  Elephant Dance
Elephants sway left and right, raise and lower their feet, and move like a dance.
“Standing behavior”.
There are a lot of elephants in Japan who are doing the same.

It is an abnormal behavior caused by elephants who are sick.

Elephant ecology
Animals are beautiful only in nature.
Elephants live in families with a focus on women, protecting their children and helping each other.
It has a vast range of action and walks 5 to 13km a day.
Some people say that elephant's skin is thick, so it's okay to stab with a bullhook or drill, but in fact, elephant's skin has abundant nerves and notices all the flies attached to it. Saying.

Elephant heart
Elephants have a heart.
Animals have the same mind as us.
If I am an elephant, can I endure it?
If you are trapped in a small place and violent every day.
Anyone will be crazy.

Elephant future, Liberation
Elephant breeding is stopped one after another at American zoos.
The zoo itself has realized that elephants are animals that should not be trapped in the zoo.
It's time to start releasing elephants in Japan.
Project 0 Elephant
Stop using bullhooks and drills.
Because the elephant is pitiful.
If you say animals are poor, you may be fooled by zoo / aquarium officials and scholars.
Because it is not scientific.
But nothing is as frightening as science that has lost its heart to be poor.
In the name of science, many animals and even many human beings have been injured and killed.
It has always been a weak position that has been sacrificed.

Poor is an important emotional movement that sympathizes with and sympathizes with a weakly placed heart.
I want to cherish the feeling of being poor.
Take a look at the elephant's eyes when using a bullhook or drill, and when doing the same behavior.
Various feelings are transmitted and it makes me feel very painful.

People involved in zoos and safari parks, elephants, keepers,
Stop using “Bullhook” and “Drill” on elephants as soon as possible.

Because the elephant is pitiful.

If you are moved, please sign.
Let's help the poor elephants together.


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0 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 2,500 人に到達します!
2,500 の賛同で,このキャンペーンが メディアに取り上げられる可能性が高まります!