Tell the ICGP and the Irish Government that the concerns of the 640 Doctors must be heard!

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Victory - Yesterday RTÉ finally succumbed to the will of the people after almost 1,500 folks signed my online petition on by interviewing a spokesperson for the 640 doctors who have expressed serious concerns about the abortion legislation. 

However this new petition is to ensure that the doctors own petition to the Irish College of General Practitioners(their professional body) is listened to in respect of their serious concerns and with that objective in mind, we will continue to the next stage by launching this new petition in their defence which includes supporting their demand not to be forced against their will by the Irish government to perform abortions or refer to other doctors who do. 

There is a very real danger that many will leave the profession if this happens as their numbers are growing in opposition to what is regarded as a hard bill providing for up to full term abortion which also ignores the rights of the disabled unborn child in the womb. They must be consulted. 

However, the ICGP has not granted them the EGM that was at first agreed upon until after the Bill for regulation of terminations of pregnancies has been presented before the Oireachtas in Dublin. Whilst the bill and its proposed amendments has already been discussed by the Health Committee responsible for its legislation, the doctors concerns won’t be heard until 2nd December, 2018. This is most unjust and shows complete and utter disrespect for the professional experience and serious concerns of frontline doctors. 

It is time to challenge that status quo dictated by the Irish Government in their self-serving approach to this legislation by serving notice to both them and the ICGP that we fully support the doctors in their quest to have their concerns heard. We also demand that the ICGP and the Irish government between them must produce a feasible and common sense solution that will recognise the genuine concerns of doctors, nurses and all health workers, thereby guaranteeing that their jobs will be protected.

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