Iceland should adopt the crystal meth users and pushers of the Philippines

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Dear Parliament of Iceland:


We, the undersigned Filipinos, appreciate your concerns about the human rights of  crystal meth users, pushers, and syndicates in the Philippines. Your compassion is highly commendable.

Since we don't like the devastation these folks bring to our individual lives, our families, our community, and our country, we support the efforts of our government to keep the rest of us safe from them.

We noticed that Iceland only have about 300,000 people. That means, you have lots of space to accommodate some people.

To prevent more bloodshed in the Philippines (committed by crystal meth users, their pushers, and the police that apprehend them), may we urge you to walk the talk? Please kindly adopt our crystal meth users, pushers, and syndicates. 

Please give them political asylum in your country. We will be very happy to raise funds to pay for their travel to your country, where their human rights will be fully respected.