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ICE, IMMIGRATION, UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.: End the suffering. Loving father and husband faces deportation.


Many children in the United States grow up in fatherless homes, due to the fact that many fathers don't want to take the responsibility to be there for their families. With Jose Arroyo Solis, this is not the case. He is 32 years old with a loving wife of 10 years and two beautiful children; Justin (9) and Mariana(8). He has always been there for his family and would do anything for them, but also anyone in need. He has always abided by the rules in the U.S and has no problems paying taxes, which he has done with his wife every year. He has held employment with a contracting company in north carolina where he resided with his family until he was detained over a year ago. He is very well respected at this company and believes in hard work and dedication. He was an active member of his church and community and unlike many immigrants is fluent in English. This family needs their dad and husband back, the hardship it has caused them is almost unbearable and relocating a family to Mexico is not in the best interest of the children. Please help bring a man home to his family. He deserves to be able to be the kind of dad a lot of men don't even want to be, and these children need their father.

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