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ICE: Grant Stay Of Removal For Lucio Martin Chavez (A# 088 770 989)


On May 15, 2013 Lucio was torn away from his children when ICE raided his home. There is nothing more traumatic for a child than to see their father taken away while having family dinner ---


For Francisco, his oldest son, it is difficult to be without his daddy because he suffers from a speech and language delay, now he has no one to take him to the doctor. Zanaida, second-oldest,  turned 5 on May 19 and her daddy was not home to celebrate. Erica, the youngest, constantly says “where is daddy” and is no longer a lively child.

In 2008 Lucio Martin Chavez (A# 088 770 989) was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over; he was asked for his information, regardless of not being the driver. Consequently, he was arrested by local police for having past unpaid fines and turned over to ICE.

During his 15 year residence in the U.S., Lucio has worked tirelessly to provide for his family. He is an active member of the church “Iglesia Impacto de la Fe” and the Maya Chapin network, a Guatemalan advocacy group.

Lucio has been fighting to keep his family together for the last 4 years.Sign the petition to ask ICE Director John Morton, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano and Arizona ICE Field Director Katrina Kane to exercise prosecutorial discretion to stay the deportation of  Lucio Martinez Chavez (A# 088 770 989).

Letter to
Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano
Director of ICE John Morton
Arizona Field Director Katrina Kane
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Phoenix Public Advocate Eduardo Preciado
I am writing in support of Lucio Martin Chavez (A# 088 770 989) who has been a resident of Arizona for 15 years, he is the father of three U.S. citizens,a hard worker, an active member of his church and the Mayan Chapin organization. On Wednesday May 15th immigration enforcement agents came to his home and placed him detention for removal.

In 2008, Lucio was placed in deportation proceedings after a routine traffic stop; despite being only passenger, Lucio willingly disclosed his information. Consequently, he was detained due to having past unpaid fines. Lucio applied for cancellation of removal which was denied in 2011; later he lost his appeal in 2012. The immigration judge told him that he failed to show that his children would suffer "exceptional and extremely unusual hardship”.

Lucio’s eldest, Francisco, suffers from a speech and language delay. He attends a special school and receives services from the Social Security Administration. If his father is deported, he will not be able to continue with his treatment. Furthermore, Lucio is the sole contributor in the household of five.

Lucio is not a danger to the public, he is a contributing member of his community, has 3 U.S. citizen children, and should be considered low priority. Please consider using prosecutorial discretion and granting a stay of removal for Lucio Martin Chavez (A# 088 770 989).

Thank you,

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