Give International Students the chance to remain in the US

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Today, ICE has decided to force universities to either keep their students safe, or force their international students out. Universities that go online risk losing their international student communities due to this cruel policy change. As an international student, I cannot stand by and let these terrible policies be enforced. I ask that ICE and USCIS reconsider this decision that would inevitably harm students like myself.

Not all students have conducive learning environments in their home countries. This could be due to time differences, lack of internet coverage or a myriad of factors that could cause students to lose progress they’ve done in their studies. 

International students come to America because of the unique opportunities offered to us. Learning, growing and advancing all while contributing greatly to the local economies. Many of us eventually becoming citizens that will continue their lives in this country. Policies such as the one enacted today will harm every international student in this country one way or another.