Free Misael Trujillo Restaurant Owner & DACA Dreamer Detained by ICE

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Misael Trujillo, husband of local Chef and Restaurant Owner Justine Dachel has been detained by ICE because of racial profiling. Two years ago he was stoped at a DUI check point and despite the fact he passed the field sobriety and blew a 0.00 he was charged and convicted of a DUI. 

This past Sunday he was serving his one day in jail when ICE detained him and will not release him even though he is DACA and is married to a US citizen, Justine Dachel. Who also happens to be 38 weeks pregnant and expecting their first and only child in a few days. She was diagnosed with SUA and has complications, and needs her husband home...NOW.

They are detaining a local business owner, in the middle of a pandemic, with a 38 week pregnant wife a home!!

 Please sign this petition to let ICE know Misael Trujillo deserves to be released. He is the hardest working, kindest, man you will ever know. And if you know him personally, you also know he's made you laugh and smile. He just wants to be home with his wife and child, and can't miss her birth. Please help us, any way you can!