Community Ban Jamal

Community Ban Jamal

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Exodus ICE started this petition to ICE Community Players and Staff


Jamal is a pedophile and doesn't belong in the community. He starts more problems than he solves and is all around disliked by the vast majority of players. He should not be allowed to interact with the ICE Community and prey on female players any longer. He has made countless people feel uncomfortable (both staff and players alike) and has received no justice. He has made previously excused DDoS threats to the servers, and has also been recently perma banned on ICE 2 for scamming. We need to reach out to the senior admins, super admins, and ICE himself to make this change on our behalf.

Why Sign

You may think- hey, creating a petition for this is unneeded; and to an extent I agree. However, this is the most simplistic and easy way to bring this issue to light and let it be known that many folks do not agree with Jamal's mannerisms. This community is supposed to be about fun and games; and we can't have fun knowing that a literal criminal is playing on these servers and is harassing the women who enjoy them. Signing this petition will let ICE know how much of an issue this is to the player base and hopefully action will be taken.

Sexual harassment online is a big deal; and with Jamal comes a lot of it. Jamal is an unstable man, who has made his vast amounts of drug use and mental health issues vocal in the past. It is clear that his presence on the ICE servers are not only damaging to the female player base, but to himself as well. Jamal's history of sexual harassment knows no bounds and it is no secret to the more informed player on the ICE community. It is time to make the change that many have talked about behind closed doors a reality.

History of Jamal

As stated previously; before Jamal got into any sort of sexual harassment problems, he was known for attempts of bribery and threats of DDoSing. While it is unknown if Jamal has successfully made any bribes to the ICE higher ups, it is highly unlikely and word probably would've gotten out. Jamal has been a part of a recent issue which involved scamming a player via in game money, and it resulted in a perma ban on one of three ICE servers. Jamal had received a lot of "hate" and comments towards his behavior on ICE 2 and controversy around him flirting with a woman whose age is much lower than his although they are both in their teens. This controversy came out as truth around a month ago, and it is continuing to this day with nothing being done about it. In between this controversy, it has been rumored that Jamal has paid for specific player's nude pictures (or "nudes"). Although this hasn't been confirmed many reliable people have come forward and announced its validity.

Why Did You, Exodus, Create This Petition?

Because I care about the players and I care about the servers. This issue has been joked about by a multitude of people; but is it really a joke? Poking fun at Jamal isn't going to solve any issues, but community banning him and wiping any form of connections to him and the ICE community will. Nobody has stepped up to create a petition, so I did. If I get in trouble for it, I have 0 regrets and will not remove this petition.

End Goal

What I hope to come of this petition is exactly as the title states- to have Jamal community banned and blacklisted from buying an unban. What he has done to these girls is beyond disgusting, manipulative, and predatory. This is the only way to protect our players and friends from this inconceivably despicable human being. Should this petition not go as planned, I am glad to have made the effort to spread awareness of Jamal's malicious actions, and perhaps even prevent future actions taken by him against unknowing players.

Evidence with Descriptions

Evidence #1:

Description: This discord message is ripped straight from mine and Jamal's inbox. Jamal describes to me that he is pissed about the comments being made about him and the underage girl he has been flirting with, and that he wants to leave to Server 1. He expresses his jealousy over her talking to another guy and describes himself as depressed about it. You can tell that he is very possessive of this girl and it's very unhealthy and proves his instability.

Evidence #2:

Description: This one speaks for itself. He confesses that he has fallen in love with this underage girl.

Evidence #3:

Description: This one doesn't have to do with the pedophilia, but more so his DDoS threats a few months back. He claims that he didn't mean it and that they were going to perma ban him because they hate him but it's standard procedure to perma ban those who threaten to DDoS the server.

Evidence #4:

Description: Jamal further describes how he feels about this underage girl, and that he truly has fallen in love with her in his own sick and twisted way.

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