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Reference: On going Genocide in Uganda (ICC & International Community Arrest Museveni for war Crimes)

This case is about the ongoing genocide in Uganda currently under the dictatorship of dictator Museveni. Ugandans just voted on 1/14/2021 for a new president but the some of the opposition lead by popular Bobi wine have been murdered and all social media was turned off by the Government of Uganda. We have family overseas and cannot even communicate with them. The government of Uganda turned off social medial to commit atrocities. We have been told about the killings and abductions currently on going. We have filed a case with the international criminal court.

We are writing about the ongoing genocide in Uganda by dictator Museveni Ref [8]. This case has been reported to the ICC and is currently under investigations Ref [9].

Ref [9] ICC Case Filed


Under the current regime of dictator Museveni, Uganda has witnessed democratic backsliding within the previous decade. The democratic backsliding has worsened with the upcoming presidential elections due Jan 14th, 2021.  Already 35yrs in power, Museveni is planning life presidency as he changed the constitution to remove term limit and age lime in 2017.  Robert Kyagulanyi AKA Bobi wine opposed the removal of the term and age limit and is currently the leading opposition in the Jan 14th, 2021 elections. On December 19th, 2020, Museveni said he will crash Bobi wine and his team before 2021 elections and he is already doing so:

1)     Within Uganda Museveni is recruiting underage children (below 18yrs) into Militia group Ref [10] and arming the children with AK47 to murder opposition members. These kids are doing military training at kyankwanzi leadership Institute. The kids are collected in groups of 150 children by an organization called Leadership tomorrow and are trained biweekly at kyankwanzi leadership Institute. We should not forget Museveni used child soldiers in 1981 bush war Ref [12].


2)     Museveni is using biological weapons and blister agents (Pages 6-10) on Ugandans opposed to his rule.

3)     Currently there is massive abduction and kidnapping of opposition where some are murdered, and bodies dissolved in acid and some are put in concentration camps. Most of the abducted are from the opposition some are found dead and others are held in illegal detention centers in Kalangala island, Kigo, Kitalya, Kyengela and other unknown locations. 

4)     There have been several attempted to murders Bobi wine below in pages 2-4.

5)     Dictator Museveni has refused international observers, no use of social media like Facebook or YouTube as plan to conceal atrocities. The US is a large donor to the Ugandan government. We request the US to discontinue the financial aid and the donations that are used to purchase weapons to carry out the genocide.

6)     Dictator Museveni has recruited mercenaries and militia from neighboring countries of Rwanda, Angola, and Congo to carry out genocide in Ugandan. These Mercenaries are committing atrocities in Uganda with no identification Ref [11].  The mercenaries are commanded by the Special Force command (SFC). On November 18th, the arrest of Bobi wine sparked demonstration that resulted into the massacre of over 200 people. Museveni is using torture and Massacre.  

Attempted Murder Of presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine

There have been several murder attempts to popular opposition and National unity platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine. Although Bobi wine has been lucky to escape death, some of his campaign team have been murdered.

1)     First murder attempt was October 4th, 2017 when Bobi opposed the change to the constitution that removed the age limit and 2yr term limit allowing Museveni to stand as life president. Three grenades were thrown at Bobi Wine’s home since he attempted to block the bill in Parliament. Bobi and his family escaped with no injuries expect property damage. 


Ref [1]: Explosion at Bobi wine house that shuttered the windows. Barbie: Touch Bobi Wine or Me, But Not Our Children


2)     Second murder attempt was in Aura during the parliamentary Re-election. The Special Forces Command (SFC) commanded by Museveni’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba shot with intentions to kill Bobi Wine, but his personal driver Yasin Kawuma was shot and died Ref [2].

Ref [2] Yasin Kawuma was shot dead

3)     Third murder attempt was on November 18th at Luuka Ref [3] during his presidential campaign. Museveni had plotted to assassinate Bobi Wine on his campaign trail. Which was impossible because of his supporting crowd that grew by the day. But November 18th,2021 Bobi Wine was brutally arrested and detained in the popular torture house popularly known as Nalufenya igniting unrest. Bobi Wine’s supporters took to the streets demonstrating his release which led to the orders of the President Museveni who has ruled Uganda for 35 (a dictator) to shoot and kill. Many bodies were laying in the streets of Kampala, Wakiso and Mukono. A genocide is sprouting in different areas of Uganda. We are calling to all media houses to intervene and bring awareness to the world. Ref [3]

4)     Fourth murder attempt was on December 1st, 2020 at Kayunga when a hand grenade was thrown and exploded but Bobi wine ducked to save his life Ref [4]. Many people including Bobi wines campaign team where injured by the gun shots in Kayunga.


5)     Fifth murder attempt occurred on December 27th, 2020 in Masaka when SFC Militia opened fire during a campaign trail when NUP supporters were cheering Kyagulanyi on his way to Lwengo District.  Ashraf Kasirye, a Radio One journalist and an online Ghetto TV cameraman was hit.    Kasirye was travelling with Kyagulanyi in the same motor vehicle when he was hit on the head leading to severe bleeding. He was rushed to Masaka Regional Referral Hospital to save his life. However, he then evacuated to Kampala Hospital for further treatment. During the evacuation, on the way to Kampala, Bobi Wine’s personal bodyguard Francis Senteza Kalibala was allegedly run over by a military vehicle Ref [6].    

Ref [5] Ashraf Kasirye, a Radio One journalist and an online Ghetto TV cameraman was hit

 Ref [6] Francis Senteza Kalibala aka Frank run over by a military vehicle

6)     Fifth murder attempt was in Kalangala where the whole crew of 100 was kidnapped and now in held in illegal detention centers. Bobi wine was released but all his team of over 100 campaign team was put in illegal detention centers where the women are rapped tortured and the men genitals are pulled Ref [7].

Attention: Dictator Museveni is using Biological weapons on Ugandans

To The UN, USA, European Union, African Community, and International Community  

Reference Stop Biological Weapons Stop Genocide in Uganda

Ugandans are reporting the use of biological weapons and outlawed blister agents by dictator Museveni and his mercenaries in the current ongoing presidential elections due Jan 14th, 2021. Dictator Museveni is working with the North Korean and Russians to manufacture the biological weapons and blister agents in Nakasongola, Nakaseke and islands in Lake Victoria.  Some of the biological agents are currently stored at the Grail Rubaga cathedral. Uganda is a member of the 1925 Geneva Protocol and the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) and therefore should not produce and use biological weapons and blister agents. We therefore call upon the United Nations to stop dictator Museveni from using the Biological weapons on Ugandan people mainly the opposition. We also request the UN to investigate the use of biological weapons.  

Evidence of use of Biological and Blister agents

(1)   Throughout 2020, Bobi wine supporters are being sprayed with a biological agent

December 2020, Bobi Young and other victims were sprayed with a chemical that caused skin reaction and defect shown in Exhibit-1 below. Bobi Young is one of supporters who moves with presidential candidate Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu AKA Bobi wine on the campaign trails. The blister agent is carried in cylinders shown in Exhibit-4 and sprayed on the victims by the military. The skin reaction exhibited by Bobi young and many victims is identical to those reactions of blister agents (Exhibit-5) exhibited by victims exposed (Exhibit-2) by Biological Agent Symptoms/Effects. Bobi young and victim2 (Exhibit-3) are just a few of the many victims. All the victims are members of the National unity platform a major opposition party in Uganda.

Exhibit-1: Bobi young sparayed with Biological Agent Dec 11th  2020 

Exhibit-2: Biological Agent Symptoms/Effects

Exhibit-3: Victim2 sprayed with Biological Agent Dec 12th  2020

Exhibit-4: Victim2 sprayed with Biological Agent Dec 12th  2020

Exhibit-5 Chemical Agent Effects: https://gulflink.health.mil/dsbrpt/warfare.html

(2)   The use of expired Tear gas by French company SAE Alsetex and excessive force

Throughout 2020, Dictator Museveni and his military regime have been using expired tear gas that is dated 2015, 2016 and 2019. The expired explosive CS tear gas grenades are manufactured and sold by French company SAE Alsetex. The CS grenades, which contain a TNT charge, do not have a specific color or insignia to indicate dangerousness. Fired from launchers or thrown by hand, the grenades detonate on impact or soon after, creating an explosion that is supposed to be disorienting but not wounding. But people who come into direct contact with them have been badly hurt. In the third attempted murder video of Bobi wine Exhibit-8, the CS grenades exploded on impact and almost killed Bobi wine who is seen ducking for his life. Some of the military commanders who use the CS grenades include Assimwe Abraham (Exhibit-7), Frank Mwesigwa and Enoch Abaine. 

According to Amnesty International, a “typical” tear gas grenade for police usually has a diameter of 37 millimeters and weights between 25 to 50 grammes. By contrast, the CS has a 64-millimetre diameter and weighs 330 grammes and confirmed to be military-grade.

Exhibit-6: 2020 Ugandan Military using 2015 Expired military grade explosive CS Tear gas grenade by French company SAE Alsetex

Exhibit-7:  Asiimwe Abraham threw CS grenade in Bobi wine’s vehile with attempt to mudered Bobi wine.




(3)    The military is currently manufacturing and using pink Napalm blister agent (Exhibit-9) is carcinogenic and that causes skin defect. This pink blister agent is manufactured at Nakaseke Luwero and contains an outlawed agent called Napalm a mixture of a gelling agent and a volatile petrochemical.

Exhibit-9:  Pink Napalm blister agent currently used by the Uganda Military on Ugandans.

Dictator Museveni is currently conducting a genocide by shooting, using biological weapons, using vehicles to knock down opposition youth and kidnapping thousands of opposition youth and torturing them in unofficial detention facilities called “safe houses Exhibit-10 and concentration camps Exhibit-11.

The use of biological weapons is one of the many ways’ dictator Museveni is conduction a genocide in Uganda. The dictator Museveni has said he will kill the largest tribe the Buganda like he did in the Luwero triangle. The genocide is intended to keep dictator Museveni as life president. The Ugandans call upon the United nations to intervene and stop the Museveni from conducting and genocide and using biological weapons.

Hon. Kyagulanyi Ssentamu a.k.a Bobi wine is a musician turned a Member of Parliament, now a Presidential Candidate running for the 2021 elections. On 11/18/2020 at 9:45am Bobi was brutally and arrested and detained at the notorious torture chamber/Nalufenya, under the orders of the current President and dictator Museveni with a plot to assassinate Bobi. This ignited into a massacre of over 280 people (Exhibit-12) that included defenseless children and youth in the streets of Uganda while demanding for Bobi’s release.

Exhibit-10: https://www.state.gov/reports/2019-country-reports-on-human-rights-practices/uganda/

Exhibit-11:  https://dictatormuseveni.com/concentration-camps-and-torture/

Exhibit-12:  https://dictatormuseveni.com/pre-election-violence/

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ICC Case Below


Ref [12] 1981 Museveni Use of child soldiers

In 1981 presidential elections Museveni was worst performer with less than 1% vote. He ran as the Presidential Candidate under United People’s Movement (UPM) party of which he was its Patron. He used the same names as those he was registered with at point of entry in the Country. But after Museveni got less than 1% votes, he decided to go to the bush and be a rebel for 5 years.

Even in the bush he did not have military or local support. He devised a cunning yet criminal trick to use child soldiers. How did he get these battalion of kids average age <13 yrs. He would come at night with his rebel group kill parents of kids.

He would then come back to the homes during day and tell the kids to join him. Using propaganda that current government is killing their parents. Lots of kids forcefully joining his rebel group NRA (National Resistance Army) During the 5yr gorilla war Museveni killed at least 2,000,000 People in Luwero Triangle Show video

In this video 1986, Muhoozi kainerugaba 12th birthday he had returned with his mom Janet Museveni from Sweden. Child solider can be seen in the video as security gauds.