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Agricultural Engineering Department in Every State

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Agriculture is the back bone of India from where maximum GDP is Contributed, which will give more employment in the country. In the recent times it is heard that the second green revolution can be achieved with the agricultural engineers through agricultural mechanization, micro irrigation, food processing and poly house cultivation. But this is a sad thing that AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS IN EVERY STATE OF THE COUNTRY ARE NEGLECTED. The agricultural engineers are studying about MACHINERY IN FARMING, FOOD PROCESSING. THEY ARE EXPERTS IN FOOD PROCESSING, MICRO IRRIGATION TO THE CROPS, POST HARVEST OPERATION TO REDUCE LOSSES. BUT THE STATE GOVERNMENT AND CENTRAL GOVERNMENTS ARE NOT IN A position to utilize the services of agricultural engineers but they are spending thousands of crores for mechanization, food processing and micro irrigation.Hence it is requested that a separate agricultural department should be created in each and every state for the effective monitoring of these funds and increasing farm mechanization thus productivity of the crops.

ICAR should remember that AGRI Engineering is a division of it and it should take measures for establishing the Separate Agri Engg departments in each and every state. It should recommend the states the necessity and need of Agricultural Engineers in Farm Mechanization, Food Processing, Micro Irrigation and Poly Houses, thus taking measures for creation of separate department and jobs in each state.

Though agriculture is the major sector in the India, there is no option for the Agri Engineers in INDIAN ENGINEERING SERVICES. So the Agri Engineering students should also be included in the Indian engineering services.

The main aim of this petition is 1. creation of separate AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT in each and every state 2. inclusion of AGRIULTURAL ENGINEERS IN INDIAN ENGINEERING SERVICES

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