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Make CA exams more transparent.

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People who give the CA exams know very well how non-transparent the system of examination is, the petition is directed to ICAI to review their system of taking exams and to make it more transparent so it doesn't leave hundreds of students pursuing CA frustrated. Below are the problems faced by students giving the CA exam. These are all the problems I have gathered from different CA students at different levels i.e (CPT, IPCC, FINAL) .If you have any problem(s) regarding the issue comment down below I'll add them right away. 


1) ICAI exam department doesn’t publish model answer sheet to cross check with. Currently exam department doesn't issue any model answer sheet which keeps the students completely in the dark about the marking scheme of the exam. Though there is something called 'suggested answers' which is published by 'Board of Studies' but here is an irony, when a student asks for revision of marks on the basis of 'suggested answers' the exam department shoe them away stating it is not their answer but the answer of Board of Studies and they allot marks based on their(exam department's) own model answer sheet. The exam department provides you with your answer sheet but not model answer sheet. The problem is from where should the students should cross check their answers from? So that means they can literally screw my paper however they wish to and I can’t even cross check and complain?

Solution: ICAI exam department should publish model answer sheet so we can cross check with it. Also they should provide us with stepwise mark allocation scheme followed by them. 

2) No Standard for deducting Marks. Examiners don’t follow any standard for allocation or deduction of marks. It all depends on the  the pass percentage set by ICAI for that attempt (To know more about this read point 4) and the mood of the examiner. And as there are no model answer sheet(s) available to students they can’t check for what reason marks were deducted for them, even when the whole answer was correct. Don’t you think in an exam of such caliber, the examiner should be more responsible when awarding or deducting marks? After all it is a CA exam, even a single mark can impact someone’s career, job prospects and even life.

Solution: Examiners should write the reason for deduction, it may consume more time than usual but ICAI can pay them more for that and further ICAI can recover this from students as exam fees. No one will mind paying more exam free for transparency, at least I won't. 

Solution 2: They should follow a fixed marking scheme.

3) What does ICAI expect?  I have always been amazed with top rankers in CA Exam. After all how they manage to get 90% marks while most of the students struggle to get even 50% or even 40%. It is always a desire to peek into the answer sheets of such students. Apart from that, it will also help students to know what ICAI expects and how to get good marks. But ICAI had never publishes it citing privacy issues. But why? When ICAI can publish their mark sheet why not answer sheet. 

4) Another problem is they have fixed pass percentage for finals which means that even if you score passing marks in the final exams you would be termed as 'failed', because they will only pass certain number of students according to their pass percentage which has been set for to that attempt. And how are these students selected no one knows. Is this fixed percentage thing is so that they can maintain their prestige ? But they can't ruin future of students and falsely say they failed even when they passed. (There is even a petition on this very sight about the fixed percentage issue.)

 5)  Cheating which happens in CA exams, there no so vigilant invigilators which in 90% percent of the cases facilitate cheating. The thing is we just have 3 hours to write our paper and it keeps on disturbing me when I write my paper people here and there and talking to each other and the invigilator doesn't even care to stop them.   

6) One of the biggest and most probably the most important one is time. They take two months time to declare IPCC result and registration for the next attempt ends in the very same month. Students who failed to clear the exam don not have enough time to analyse what to do further whether to give exam again in the next attempt or to take a break and then attempt in the next to next attempt after. If this problem isn’t solved there will be a consistency in the number of students who fail again and again.

Solution: Either announce the results for IPCC earlier or do not end the registration in the very same month give us time to think. And if this(announcing of results earlier) would put a lot of pressure on examiners ICAI can manage a separate stand alone team only for correcting and evaluating our answer papers.





Just to give you an insight into how other entrances are held in India lets have a look at CLAT which stands for Common Law Admission Test and is an entrance held to get into the 14 national law universities recognised by the government of India. CLAT is held online, and let me tell you how the results are declared, the results come out after one week of the examination and along with the result you are sent your attempted paper and the answers you have marked along with the correct answer key and now in contrast to it lets look at CPT, after a month they publish the result and no where they tell you what questions you attempted incorrectly and which ones correctly. ICAI should do that, specially while this thing is going around since a decade about them that they indulge in something called unfair practice, just for someone who isn't a CA student let me tell you what these allegations are, allegations go like - what they do is they calculate the demand of CA's in the market and then accordingly they pass students. If the number of students who have passed the CPT exam is higher than the demand for CA's they cap off some students marks and fail them and if the situation is otherwise that the demand of CA's is more and less students have passed the exam then they give extra marks to students who are on the verge (like the ones who have scored 98 or 99 in order to pass them. 



{Problems 1,2 and 3 are by Arun Tiwari, 4 is by Amita Vyas }


 On point number 3 I have received comments saying it infringes the privacy of the students, indeed I agree with you but how about giving an option to the students who would like to publish their answer sheets. Currently no such option is given.


Thank you so so so much for people who are supporting it. I request you please forward it as much as you can so we can gain more supporters for this petition. If you are a CA student please considering sharing the link on your social media or post it on whatsapp group (The only thing you will need to sign this petition is an email id.)

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