Prohibiting illogical Crime Shows

Prohibiting illogical Crime Shows

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द्वारा शुरू किया गया Harsh Singh

"Don't go out with your friends child. Haven't you seen that episode of savdhaan India!!" 

"I don't want you to make more girls/boys as your close friends... देखें नहीं थे Crime Patrol mei???!! 

And many other shitty thoughts our indian family has formed in their heads regarding Every other incident.. The most amazing thing is that in a newspaper of 12 pages, their attention gets dragged on news related to teens murder , teens betrayal teens x teens y teens this teens that ..  ... They relate it with the episodes of such daily soaps which for sure creates no link or logic with what is written and what is shown... Well I can't be proved wrong if a claim these shows to be "Legal B grade movies" .. Why? Oh tell me which content you find the most to be shown or raised through the shows? Naah ... You know it well .. We live in a society where condom ads are delayed and shown after 11 but illogical B grade scenes and stories can be telecasted twice , thrice and i dont know how many times a day...

No matter what you have planned, it may be a party or just a small night out at your friend’s place. Everyone around you is either a thief, a murderer, and only you are the crying, drooling victim. The time you ask your parents’ permission for such plans to work, they will tell you such happenings that may not take place, and eventually say no.

You stay at hostel, and you come home for holidays, to spend time with your family. If there comes an episode in which the kid who stays in hostel, is killed, or has an affair, or plans a crime, then all the eyes in that room turn in your direction and they say ‘ Tu bhi aisa karta hoga! Nikaalo ise hostel se!’ or ‘Tu aisa mat karna ha hum bharosa karte hai tujpe!’

"We all love playing couch detective, but in an era marked by terrorism and political tension, using these kinds of programs as a way to escape from reality — yes, they can be the stories based on reality but they way episodes are over scripted disturbs the mind of audience which leads them relating every other thing with these episodes.. Few of the crimes they project are too deep and with so many details. We ourselves start doubting everyone around us. All we got to do is learn, but those details mess our minds up!

There are entire channels devoted to cold-crimes — and they're some of TV's most watched, especially among women .It's nearly impossible to make small talk with co-workers or friends if you're not caught up on the latest episode of Savdhaan India, or Crime Petrol. Taking in accounts of human depravity in a controlled environment like your living room is exciting in a twisted way. It releases adrenaline and catch up with thoughts. Parents instead of thinking that this "might" happen with their kids think that this "will" happen with their kids and from here starts the argument of so called generation gap ..! 

If the society cannot agree with the open talks about sex education then they have no rights either to show the illogical B grade relations.. No right either to BRAINWASH the mind of Indian parents Their main aim should be to keep people aware, about what crimes actually take place and how, instead of keeping it a suspense and reveal it at the end of the show.

It's better to Telecast it late night not all day or get it done with appropriate contents or get it banned forever! �

13 लोगों ने साइन किए। 25 हस्ताक्षर जुटाएं!