Freedom of account number portability in banking system

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A report commissioned in the UK by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ( Dutch Consumers Association BEUC ( investigated the possibility of introducing account number portability (ANP) ( whereby consumers would keep their original account number regardless of which bank they were with. This aims to create competition in banking, eliminate barreer for FINTECH start-up and further facilitate consumers to switch providers, just as consumers are able to keep their mobile phone number when changing networks under Article 30 of the Universal.

We ask to European parlament to

 Review, the SEPA Regulation(2) adopted in 2012 to modify IBAN identifiers. Such changes are technically feasible and with no costs for the financial industry and indirectly to consumers adopting IBAN Portability Solution (
Release a new PAD version, to adopt a open Account Number portability for European market.

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