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Andrews Victorian Labor Government Corruption Investigation by IBAC

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The Labor Andrews Government has concocted a plan to use the Taxi Services Commission to give away $Billions in public assets for free.

The TSC that regulates the Taxi services and also Leases out Taxi Licenses at a cost of $23,700 p/a.This cost that they charge for 1 years Lease of a Taxi License @ $23,700, this is biased on the potential earnings of the customer base of the TSC or the Goodwill.

The TSC a Government run department, its IP and its assets are all owned by the public. The TSC customer base turns in around $1Billion per year and this guaranteed potential earnings or Goodwill is a public asset, it could be worth $Billions if sold to the private sector.

Instead of selling this $1 Billion dollar p/a customer base to the highest bidder to get the best return for Victorians, you will never guess what the Andrews Labor Government has decided to do, along with much of the Taxi Services Commission Powers? They have decided to give it all away to the Private Sector.

You will never guess what else the Andrews Labor Government has decided to do?? They have decided that the Victorian public are such good people, such good people that we are going to chip in $428 Million in cash to give to the Private Sector who are getting $Billions in public assets for free from Labor.

You will never Guess who the Private sector is?? Take a guess, please guess?? The majority of the private sector are the old monopolies that you loved to hate, they and other network providers are being given Billions in Goodwill (tax payer assets) and hundreds of millions in cash along with most of the TSC powers.

We are calling on IBAC to investigate why the Andrews Labor Government is giving away public assets and why they are then asking the public to fund the privatization of the passenger services industry when it should be the other way around. The Private sector should pay Billions for the public owned assets, the Goodwill, the Potential Earnings that have been established over decades and then the Private sector should invest hundreds of Millions to increase their potential earnings.

We are calling on IBAC to investigate the entire miss handling of the new passenger services regulations by the Andrews Labor Government and the potential usurper of public assets used as Labors own commodity. 

The Andrews Labor Government Corruption Ends with your Signature, please sign to support the Taxi-Gate investigation by IBAC.

This petition is in support of the signed hard copy being submitted on the 7th April 2017 by the Victorian Taxi Action Group, after the TSC/Daniel Andrews protest rally being held at Spring St and Treasury Place.




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