Help Stop IB Tuition Fees for Students at Weston

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The TDSB is following the lead of other School Boards and will be charging a tuition fee for students in the International Baccalaureate Program beginning September 2020. The IB Program at Weston has been an enriching experience for all students that have previously graduated from it and for those who are currently enrolled in it. As students who are already enrolled in the IB Program, paying a tuition fee is concerning to us because paying $1200 for a program that we are very close to finishing seems unfair. Signing this petition means that you are helping us express the concern of students currently enrolled in the IB Program, students with an interest in attending this program and parents as well. We feel that we shouldn't have to pay to be enrolled in higher learning programs at school, especially one that is very beneficial to the school and opposing these fees means that it is preventing students from dropping out of the program. Please help us express our concern as this is a program that is valued in all schools that offer it. If fees are put into place at our school, it almost seems as if we are privatizing part of the school which causes inequality in the school environment as well as in the community.