cancel IB November exams

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The IBO has been the standard for quality, progressive and ethical education around the globe since its inception in 1968. Supporting its global community has always been a key point of the Ib ideology, and now more than ever we as students need this support and understanding to be able to beat these terrible circumstances that have fallen upon us. That is why we are requesting a proper consideration of the possibility to cancel the November 2020 exam evaluation and base our diploma on the internal assessments. Some of the key points that make us request such actions are the following:

  • Not all countries are living in the same circumstances. Some have dealt with the pandemic efficiently and got very positive results while, others have horrifically failed to control the virus, leading to school shutdowns, financial crises among others. While some governments are reopening their educational systems, others cannot fathom the idea because of their circumstances, thus having the school year suspended altogether.
  • A lot of students worldwide don't have the resources nor the space to engage in proper preparation for the November examination. Not all students can rely on a stable internet connection or own a personal computing device in which they can connect with their professors.
  • Our generation is living through an unprecedented crisis that has led to the uprising of anxiety, stress, and depression on students all around the globe. The pressure of going into the November examinations without the proper preparations only contributes to the exploitation of these feelings taking a big toll on the students' mental health.
  • Not every school has been able to efficiently cover all the hours required for the hl or even the sl subjects that the ib program offers.
  • Not every student has been able to fully adopt the radical change that comes with the online classes if they even have the chance to receive their classes on an online platform.
  • Due to the deadly Covid-19, a huge amount of people have lost loved ones to the virus, making it unethical to expect them to focus on the exams and the rough situation that their preparation requires during this crisis.
  • The majority of universities only require the certification of the Diploma, not the exams themselves, thus by canceling the examination, tens of thousands won't be affected negatively in their plans for their futures because of poor preparation for the examinations.

We hope that the same organization that stood alongside the students when times were difficult, will stand with us now, making the most ethical decision for us, the global Ib community, in these times of great difficulty and struggle.