IB Collaborative Project Should be Cancelled or Postponed

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The Collaborative Film Project assignment of HL Film Students should be canceled or postponed due to the rise of COVID-19 all around the world. Many countries are on lockdown and Turkey forbid people under 20 of going outside. Collab consists of shooting and editing a film collaboratively, interacting and as a group project. This assignment is 35% of the total IB Film grade and as High-Level Film Students, we don't want to submit low quality work which would negatively impact our grade and diploma. The arrangement of dates or the percentages of our past 3 submitted assignments should be taken into consideration as an alternative to the Collaborative Film Project. We don't want two years of our dedicated study of Film. Studies to go to waste due to not being able to even go outside due to law.

IB teaches us to be risk-takers and independent learners and we felt the need to take action. Any help is appreciated, thank you.