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We want our pets to fly with us in the airplane passengers cabin

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Every day dozens of pets carried in airplanes cargo pressurized section, are lost due to the inadequate handling of their crates. Crates are slammed the floor, the doors open, the terrified pets run away in the busy airport area and are never found again, also, it is known that lots of pets in their containers have been shipped to an airport different to their owners destination. Those pets will be unloaded in some airport who know where, and if they are, who will feed them and give them water until the.cargo handlers finally realized their error and ship.them to where they should have arrived, in the first place!

Not only one case, they are hundreds! No matter what the excuses could be , the pet is gone for ever or dead. DELTA airlines being one of the worse pet carriers.

Enough of this, our pets are family members and we want to fly with passengers cabin. No.problem for a ticket for them. If other passengers complain them definitely the Airlines should designate one flight  a month, in the least , or  a special cabin.with.a certain amount of seats,  for travelers flying with their pets. No limit for size or amount. If I have three big dogs, I want to fly with my three big dogs in the cabin, and i will happily pay for their fare.

I am.sure hundreds of passengers are experimenting the same problem daily. I 

Pets are not baggage, they are FAMILY, and deserve to travel as such. 

I don't want to go through the anguish of not knowing if my beloved pets will arrive alive, in my same destination or I will learn they are the other side of the world.





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