District Park Tennis Lease to Remain with Current Operator: Richard Nicholls TopSpinTennis

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Recently, the Newcastle and District Tennis Association did not renew the lease to its current operator Richard Nichols (Topspin Tennis). Instead the 5 year lease was granted to an undisclosed recipient (Source: Newcastle Herald 27/10/2020)

This is a petition addressed to Ian Tennant and the Newcastle and District Tennis Association to reverse that decision and keep the current operator.

Richard Nicholls has been operating at District Park Newcastle for the last 10 years and has built up an inclusive community and a business that is successful, organised, efficient and friendly.

In the Newcastle tennis community, this has made a big impact on the centre's patrons. It is unfathomable why the lease would be granted to an undisclosed recipient, for unknown reasons, with no community consultation and a total lack of transparency.

We request that the decision be reversed and for the lease to be renewed to Richard Nicholls at Topspin Tennis.