Vote of No Confidence in the Government and Prime Minister.

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We, the sovereign people of Great Britain, will no longer allow the Conservative government to run this country.  They have done nothing but shown contempt to its citizens.  They have created a country that cannot defend itself, has no identity, has no NHS, Police Force, Fire Brigade, etc.  They send all our finances abroad in aid whilst people here are dying on the streets, unable to fund the above services, thus allowing the criminal factor to run riot in our towns and cities.  Illegal immigration is out of control.  Islam extremists demanding we follow Sharia law in our own country, whilst the PM and government actually consider this. They permit terrorist IRA to walk around with pardons, whilst they prosecute British veterans for doing a job the government sent them on.  Brexit means leave the EU now with no financial penalties, not, “oh hang on, the electorate didn’t know what they were voting for”, so we will keep one leg in Europe paying through our nose, to an ideology that actually offers us no products, services etc, despite the billions of pounds we give to them.

Enough is enough, Conservatives, you are no longer fit for purpose, and with that, we, the sovereign people of Great Britain do hereby invoke the “Vote of No Confidence” and duly ask that you vacate the Houses of Parliament forthwith.

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