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Insist all home brand food items be Segregated CSPO or Palm Oil Free.


Palm Oil is the cheapest edible oil available and is present in the majority of Coles branded food products. The production of uncertified Palm Oil is having dire impacts on habitat, wildlife, indigenous communities, greenhouse gas emissions and the ecosystem. Endangered species are at crisis point, we need to fix this NOW not later.

Letter to
CEO Ian McLeod
CEO Ian McLeod
Merchandise Director John Durkan
and 3 others
Quality Manager Jackie Healing
Coles Andrea Currie
Policy & Legislation Manager Neil McSkimming
I appreciate that Coles have taken the steps to ensure that all Coles branded products list Palm Oil as an ingredient.

Quite frankly, I am disgusted to discover how many of your Coles branded products contain Palm Oil.

As a concerned consumer I will be refraining from purchasing any Coles brand / home brand food products until the official RSPO trademarked CSPO logo OR a Palm Oil free status logo is clearly displayed.

Segregated CSPO is readily available and currently not being purchased by manufacturers / brands.

I request that Coles insist the following from all manufacturers of Coles brand / home brand food products.

• If using Palm Oil, the manufacturer must secure and present Ordinary RSPO membership.

• The manufacturer must use Segregated CSPO in products by 1st Jan 2014.

• The Manufacturer must present Segregated CSPO supply chain certificate.

• Coles must NOT accept GreenPalm (Book & Claim) as a supply chain from any manufacturer.

• Coles must NOT accept Mass Balance (Mixed) as a supply chain from any manufacturer.

I insist that Coles ensures all the above conditions are met. If the manufacturer cannot comply with using Segregated CSPO then the manufacturer must remove Palm Oil as an ingredient and find an alternative oil.

If the manufacturer refuses either of these options, it is Coles responsibility to find another manufacturer that WILL comply.

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