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Ian Livingston of British Telecom (BT): Reinstate the email address:

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Self employed mum of two Shona Campbell, built a successful income stream from scratch after re-training as a freelance indexer while her children were small. Her business was in its third year and ticking over well, until disaster struck last week. An IT specialist trying to fix an issue deleted Shona's email account, intending to restore it. Big mistake - it turns out that only BT can restore it - AFTER 110 days.
Shona's income stream has been severed; she will struggle to gain any new work because of the particular way that indexing work is offered in what is a highly competitive industry. After fruitless phone calls to BT and floods of tears, Shona went straight to the top, emailing BT's outgoing Chief Executive, Ian Livingston and begging him for help. But BT procedure means "Computer says No".
His suggestion? She should have been using a business email package if she wanted business support. (Ironically, Mr Livingston is about to commence his new job as Minister for Trade and Investment in the UK Government. Shona's ability to trade does not, however, seem to be high on his list of priorities.)
Without BT restoring Shona's email, her business could fold within days: "I have spent years training as an indexer, and three years building up my business, but it is a highly competitive, fast-moving line of work, and if a potential client gets no response from me they will move on to the next indexer and remove me from their list. If publishers think I’m just not bothering to respond to them, my reputation will be destroyed along with my business."
Please help Shona. Sign up to petition Ian Livingston - and BT - to support this small business and keep one more family afloat during the recession.

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