URGE Pets at Home to reduce their unnecessary mass waste of single use plastics.

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Pets at Home, the UK's biggest pet store chain has over 370 stores across the UK. Pets at Home promote 'Caring for the Environment' on their website. Pets at Home use single use plastic bottles for all their animals in store instead of using reusable bottles. The bottles are replaced every other day. This means in one store alone they can throw away over 30 bottles depending on the amount of animals in store and out the back that day. If each store change 30 bottles every other day this means Pets at Home is responsible for over 11,100 plastic bottles being thrown away EVERY OTHER DAY! This equates to over 2 MILLION bottles per year. The bottles are meant to be recycled however often employees do not recycle bottles, and even if the bottles are put in the recycling bin this only means a fraction of these bottles will be recycled and the others will end up in landfill or in our oceans.

Help me to urge Pets at Home to use reusable water bottles, stop the production of single use plastic bottles, donate the remaining unopened bottles of water to a charitable cause and to look into other ways to reduce plastic use and reduce their carbon footprint! (with immediate effect).