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Support the Central Oregon Canal Historic District

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Central Oregon was one of the last major places in the western United States to be developed in the late 1800's and early 1900's.  Today, Bend, Oregon is one of the top 10 fastest growing cities in all of the United States!  It all began with the Central Oregon Canal. 

The Canal was created to attract settlers from the Eastern US and Europe to the region (under the Carey Act) and is the foundational reason why beautiful Bend, Oregon--and all of Central Oregon--became what it is, today:  a perfect fusion of progress and traditions, recreation and hard work, booming industry and responsible stewardship of resources and the environment.  Since the dawn of the first day of growing season until now, the canal remains to be a fully operational and well-functioning part of Central Oregon, delivering water to farms large and small as well as a smattering of rural property owners, many of whom go all the way back to the very first settlers! 

With almost perfect integrity, historical maps and photos depict the Canal's unchanged features as it stands today.  The drill holes remain. The wood flume pilings remain. Thousands of lava rock pavers, perfectly placed, are easily visible during the 6-month off-season. The 1928 Bear Creek Bridge and the original head gate cat walks point in homage to the people who worked so hard to build this town, a testament to everything we can now enjoy and call home.  This is our history, rich with promise and value, hope and new beginnings. Support us in setting aside a small 3.4 mile stretch for historic preservation in the East Bend farm/rural district (Ward Rd. to Gosney Rd.) out of the more than 400 miles of canal that remain.  As the past inevitably and currently gives way to improved technologies and conservation strategies of the future (such as lining or piping for hydro power) future generations can always look back to rediscover who we are and how far we have come.

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