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Save the Fairy penguins allow them to breed and release

Fairy penguins are native to Australia and are  found on Granite Island, their numbers have dwindled to extremely endangered status. Flinders university bureaucracy will not allow the carers of the rescued penguins to breed and release into the wild, instead they want to take the chicks (if any are born) for research. The SA Government funded a 9 million dollar research facility that is not housing any penguins ... hence nothing to research, so another blatant misuse of tax payers money. The rescue centre on Granite Island houses 10 penguins and if they allow them to breed they will have their licence revoked. Seems incredible that they can fund a research centre but the sanctuary has to rely solely on donations and entrance fees and are held for ransom regarding breeding. What is the point of a research facility if they are quite happy to let them die off .

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