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Ian Hallett, Hillsborough County Florida Animal Services: Save Vinny (aka Taz or #A1550965)

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On June 28, a one year old dog I’ve deemed Vinny (aka Taz #A1550965) was abandoned on the side of the road in Brandon, FL. Witnesses saw a couple tie him up mid-afternoon in the Florida sun with no food and no water. A few of us sat with him for hours trying to get a rescue group out to him but we were unable to find anyone with space. All dog owners with full houses, we tried everything we could but at 9:30 p.m. that night, we found ourselves with no choice but to let him go to animal services. The plan going forward was to do everything we could to find him a foster or forever home … which we have! But we never imagined that Vinny would end up being used as a political pawn.

Last week, Hillsborough County Animal Services director, Ian Hallett, came under fire for multiple issues including center over crowding and allowing dogs with temperament issues to be released for adoption. And somehow Vinny has become the poster child of Ian’s need to prove a point.

Vinny has passed all temperament tests at Animal Services ... with flying colors! He’s been praised by staff and volunteers as being sweet and loving. I’ve spent hour upon hour visiting and playing with him along with my young daughter. He is a sweet, wonderful dog who needs and deserves the loving home we have waiting for him. But the application for adoption sits at animal services, unprocessed and ignored.

A few days after arriving at animal services, Vinny was a little moody with the vet staff that was treating him for an upper respiratory infection. He was sick, scared and unsure of new surroundings and new people, and was being poked and prodded. They made note of it. And suddenly Ian Hallett decided that Vinny was not worthy of living. That he would not allow him to be adopted. A decision conveniently made mere days after the county meeting and one made without Ian Hallett having spent anytime with Vinny to even see his true colors.

We have asked that he be allowed to be released to a rescue or no kill shelter. But that request has been denied. And finally an Animal Services volunteer, has stepped up and asked that she be allowed to adopt him. This is how strongly Vinny has touched the heart of those around him.

Someone needs to prove to this dog that all humans don’t suck. He was abandoned by his former “family” and we are all he has right now. He does not deserve to die. Please sign our petition and tell Ian Hallett that Vinny deserves the right to live.


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