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Help us improve Stockley Park

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Stockley Park is not fit for purpose!

We, the residents of Hillingdon, demand that Hillingdon Council investigates and take action as a matter of urgency, and resume direct control if required.

Stockley Park Golf Club (The current managers) does not appear capable of managing or maintaining the Park to a reasonable standard. They have been approached on numerous occasions by Hillingdon residents but refuse to listen or take any action.

As residents of Hillingdon we care passionately about the preservation of our parks and green spaces for the enjoyment of all and many of us use this park everyday all year.


  • The car park gates on both Chestnut Avenue and Stockley road have remained locked for over two weeks, previously they were often open sporadically and irregular times. This makes access for residents/visitors difficult and unpredictable. It effects local residents living in the vicinity when visitors to the park are unable to access the car-parks, as they have to park in nearby residential streets, on grass verges or on the side of the road.
  • Rubbish not removed in a timely manner.
  • Rubbish is not being picked up before grass-mowing commences; therefore broken glass and cans are left strewn about the park presenting a hazard to both our children and pets.
  • The bins for dog excrement are regularly overflowing for more than 24 hours, presenting a health hazard and a very bad smell.
  • Disabled access is very poor; the only suitable entrance gate (when car park gates are locked) is the pedestrian gate by the Stockley Road car park which is an awkward turn and very uneven.
  • The gravel paths are poorly maintained which makes them very rough and bumpy to walk on and is difficult for mobility scooter and wheelchair users to navigate.
  • The grass paths are often not mown for long periods.
  • The water in the lake, by the golf course on Horton Road side, has been left unattended and is now very low. The wild-life that depends on the lake appear to be suffering as a result.
  • Young people on mopeds/scooters roam around the park at will and at speed causing damage to football pitches, grassy areas and paths in the park and presenting danger to visitors and their pets. Speaking to them only causes them to shout abuse, use foul language and threatening behaviour.

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