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Demand for Public Apology

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Update 8/30/2017: I want to send a sincere thank you to Mugsy's Sports Grille and Bar and Friendly Ford for taking the time, and offering up an apology for this atrociously executed fundraiser. I hope that situations like this, provide a deeper insight to more local businesses, and cause them to give a little extra thought about sponsoring causes and fundraisers.

Also, in case anyone didn't see the news article that Channel 7 News ran today, They spoke about the individual that is still alive whose name is on the shirt. They also had the opportunity to interview the owner of Dena's Kitchen, who claims they burned the remaining shirts, and offered up their apology to the community for the effect this shirt has had on everyone involved. I've provided the link to the news story in this update, and I'll edit the petition to have the link in the beginning as well.

Again, I can't thank all of you enough for your support, and I hope that others that have been affected find some solace in that some amount--even if it's only small--of moral justice has been done here. I'll continue to post updates when I can.

Link to the news article from Channel 7

Update 8/29/2017: I want to extend my deepest gratitude for everyone that has signed so far! I never thought this would generate this amount of traction in this short amount of time! Please keep the love flowing and shares moving! We're making wonderful headway in showing the power of the people! Also, I would like to formally thank Ralph Mahalak Jr. from Monroe Dodge Superstore. Ralph took the time to personally reach out and apologize on behalf of the company, that they recognize the creation of this shirt could have been planned a little better. Thank you so much, Ralph! I have taken Monroe Dodge off the list, as he has done his part to reach out and make amends for the wrong-doings that have happened.

Most of you have already seen it. The shirt. You know the one I'm talking about. The morally inappropriate and downright disrespectful shirt "Honoring those that overdosed" in Monroe, MI.

However, this was a project that is not only offensive in every imaginable way but is--in most ways--completely inaccurate. 

Reportedly, Dena's Family Restaraunt launched a fundraiser to "Honor those that struggled with addiction, or overdosed". According to the information at this time, It seems that they allegedly took names of individuals that "overdosed" from a demolition derby car, or a card to write in, and instead of contacting family members, getting permission, or cross-referencing this information, they just went ahead and printed this shirt.

 Link to the picture of the shirt

Granted, there are no markings on the shirt anywhere that say that this shirt is specifically "Honoring Addiction and Overdoses", but it has stirred up quite the conversation in Social Media. 

Personally, I have a family member on this shirt, that IN NO WAY died of an overdose or struggled with addiction. It was never ruled an overdose, rather, medical complications from long term exposure to a prescription. I find it hugely upsetting that there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO attempt to contact any of the family members' immediate family to cross-check information. It was just haphazardly printed on a shirt. Again, I find this morally disgusting and extremely offensive.

How do we address this issue? Well, I'm calling for a boycott and a demand for a public apology from ALL the involved sponsors of this shirt. These companies sponsored this shirt without either A.) Caring about the topic of the shirt in the least, or B.) Doing any decent amount of research to see what the topic of this shirt was going to be.

Either way, it's disgusting and these companies need to be held accountable. Show them that you don't tolerate this sort of marketing, Join me in the demand for a public apology. Don't patronize establishments that are so oblivious to the fact that their name is stamped on a shirt that potentially (and in my case, certainly does) defames the character of the deceased. Join me in standing up, and saying we don't stand for this! It's wrong, and they should be held accountable! The list of the sponsors involved can be found below: 

Link to Shirt Sponsors

  • Liuna Local 499
  • Victory Garage
  • A1 Auto Center
  • Berkshire Hathaway Realtor
  • rDiner
  • Cakes By Stephanie
  • Electrik Image
  • Roys Mart Marathon
  • Stanford-Allen Chevrolet
  • Out 2 Day Bail Bonds LLC
  • Harper Construction
  • Stacy's Travel
  • Victory Honda
  • Nielsen's Painting
  • Touchstone Recovery

If any business would like, they can e-mail me at:

If you'd like, you can send an e-mail there to apologize to me directly, for your blatant lack of research and complete humiliation to the name of one of my family members. If you'd like to be removed from this list. Please notify me via e-mail that you've made your public apology, and I will hastily update this petition. Until then, I believe EVERYONE'S family that is on this list deserves a PUBLIC apology. We should not stand for this, and it's time to show these local businesses that THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

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