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Content Cop on BuzzFeed

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BuzzFeed. Let the phrase “BuzzFeed,” linger in your mind. Let it simmer for a bit. Do you feel love, passion - humor even? For the typical internet browser, the type which watches YouTube for it’s music or even for clips from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert they may have missed the night prior, BuzzFeed might seem as that harmless channel that has “ignorant” Americans try multicultural foods right? Right. However for some of us, we see through that façade. We see BuzzFeed for truly what it is, a stain in society. Now don’t get us wrong, we (maybe not all) accept the LGBTQ+ community for who they are, and are huge proponents for gender equality. However, there comes a point in time where a threshold is met and that threshold is broken. I will not refer to specific videos, but for those of us who know, we know what this is in reference to, and believe me – the line has been crossed many a time.

We call forward Ian Carter, also known as iDubbbz, to expose BuzzFeed for what it is. Grime. The Content Cop series has proved successful, and frankly, it has cleansed YouTube of filth it had had to deal with in the past. We know that no matter how many people make videos against a particular subject matter, it is not truly dead until Ian goes to work, and this is why we need him to remove the straws that BuzzFeed has recently been attempting to grasp on.

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