#IamEnvironment - Quadruple 75-lakes-a-dist target

#IamEnvironment - Quadruple 75-lakes-a-dist target

31 May 2017
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Shri Narendra Modi (Hon'ble Prime Minister of India)
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Why this petition matters


Hon’ble Prime Minister,
We appreciate your concern for environment and the recent for building 75 lakes in each district to mark 75 years of Independence.
Prime Minister sir, we suggest that this target should be quadrupled and each district must save 300-odd wetlands identified by the National Wetland Decadal Change Atlas has identified as many as 2,31,195 wetlands in the country. The Atlas, prepared by ISRO’s National Space Application centre, has been uploaded on the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Control.
Considering that we have 765 districts, the average number of wetlands (above the size of 2.5 hectares each that are needed to be conserved as per the Supreme Court ruling) works out to over 300 each. The government could divide all these wetlands into parcels of 75 each, to retain the idea of Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, and task the officials and the people to preserve and conserve them.
Sir, this can be another Mann Ki Baat idea.
We request you to take up this topic for your next edition of Mann Ki Baat and suggest to the people to join the 2.3 lakh wetlands.
The water bodies are already existing. We do not have to make fresh efforts to construct them. Let us just preserve and conserve them.
Wetlands, as many of are aware, hold excess water and act as flood control mechanism. They help in charging our ever-depleting ground water level. Representing our bio-diversity, the wetlands also serve as source of survival for the fishing community.
Ultimately, wetlands contribute to our food security.
Sir, we can have local community volunteers to over see the protection of these wetlands.
If each one of us protect the biodiversity, no one will be able to attack it.
As Nilesh Desai, Director of Space Application centre, said “Wetlands constitute a vital ecosystem among all the terrestrial ecosystems occurring on the land. Moreover, India is blessed with an enormous diversity of wetland ecosystems, which play a critical role in regulating hydrological processes, carbon fixation, flood control, nutrient cycling, water quality etc.”
“The concern for conservation and management of wetlands is increasing all over the world including India, due to burgeoning population pressure and developmental activities. In order to manage wetlands effectively, information of its spatio-temporal variations is a pre-requisite, which can be generated over a period of time using images acquired by orbiting satellites,” Desai said.
Sir, this campaign to protect all the wetlands will set a new trend for the rest of the world and set the Ramsar Convention’s resolution into a new motion.

Looking forward to your positive response.
B N Kumar
Director – NatConnect Foundation

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Signatures: 14,583Next Goal: 15,000
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