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Renaming of Milton Keynes

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I have concerns regarding the name of our large town - Milton Keynes. First of all, the village was originally known as Middeltone in the 11th century. During the 13th century, our town was then renamed to Middeltone Kaynes until the 17th century when it was changed again to Milton Keynes - the name that we use today to refer to our beloved town.

To the present day, Milton Keynes has up to 124 roundabout signs and is well known for its easy to use road system that accommodates over 300 actual roundabouts. Locals alone are aware of this particular milestone of the town, not to mention it is a widely recognised characteristic of our town - a trademark of Milton Keynes that the nation is aware of. I believe we can learn from this by branding Milton Keynes with a new name - "Roundabourikham". As long as the new name holds the word "Roundabout" or an alternative variation that shows a clear meaning in it, I believe this will help us to express a more accurate representation of our town.

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