Remove the Sales Barriers for Micro Craft Cannabis Farmers in Nova Scotia

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Micro Craft Cannabis Farmers around the province are struggling just as this new industry is beginning and the reason is simple, because the current laws do not allow us to sell directly to the public. Yes, you read that right. Micros must first sell their product to a Licenced Producer(LP) with a processing and sales licence who then sells it to NSLC, who then sells it to you. If the LP is not selling enough of it’s own product it has no obligation to purchase anything from a Micro, and who can blame them - they are running a business too. This leads to the situation that we are now in where Micros have absolutely no legal way to sell their product - barring getting their own processing and sales licence which is another huge investment of time, money and patience.

There are 13 Micros currently operating in Nova Scotia with many more on the way to getting licenced. Licencing through Health Canada is a long, complicated and expensive process that we go through with the expectation of having a high-value business, however all of this momentum has come to a complete stop when it comes to making any income. It costs a minimum of $80,000 in initial fees and building, along with an annual registration fee of $2,500.

We are local small-scale farmers, greenhouse growers and small business owners and our businesses will not survive with offers from LPs as low as 20 cents a gram (when there is an offer at all). I have not spoken to a single NS Micro that has their products available at NSLC and there are currently less than 30 Micros across Canada who have products on the shelf. Meanwhile black market growers are making at least $2 to 5 dollars a gram.
Nova Scotians can currently go directly to wine, cider and craft beer producers and purchase directly from them but cannot do the same thing for cannabis. We have the highest amount of farmers markets per capita - NS loves local. We also have the highest cannabis use per capita in Canada - NS obviously loves cannabis.

Micros can provide the public with better quality, a better price and fresher product.

We ask Iain Rankin, the Premier of Nova Scotia and everyone in the Nova Scotian government to allow Cannabis Micro-Cultivation License Holders to sell directly to the public.

Please sign this petition if you agree.

Adam Webster
Annapolis Valley Craft Cannabis