Re-instate NZ Immigration's Parent Category

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In October of 2016, the then National Government chose to freeze the immigration category known as the Parent Category.

Freezing the Parent Category allowed the Government to conduct a review. Amid rumours that people on Parent Category Visas were taking advantage of social assistance, and allegations of immigrants abusing the system in ways such as bringing the parents over from another country, then the adult child leaving NZ to go to another country, leaving the Parents to "fend for themselves".

The investigation concluded that there is no evidence that this is the case. In the meantime, over 5000 Parent Category applicants have had to wait, and are still currently waiting on their applications to be processed and dealt with.

I am a born and bred New Zealander. My wife is from South Africa. In June of 2016, we as a family applied for our EOI (Expression of Interest) to INZ to bring her parents over from South Africa. INZ gladly took the money involved to apply for the EOI, but there has not been any communication with us as to what is going on. I can recall twice now that INZ has stated that they would look into the opening of the Parent Category again. The latest stating that a decision would be made in June 2019.

We have heard the news on Radio NZ from the 13th of May stating that the Government are now going to wait until 2020 before a decision is reached. We are desperate for my Wife's parents to come to NZ, not just for our family to be reunited, but also for the political landscape that is in South Africa. We want them here to be with us but we also want them here because we fear for their safety. Our application was submitted well before the category closed, so our family have been waiting 3 years for an answer.

Ours is only one story, there are many others with different stories, and some that have been waiting longer than ourselves. The fact remains that INZ has done the investigations, and came up with concrete findings suggesting that the Parent Category has not been abused. It is time now that something is done to have the category re-opened so that our family, along with another 5000 families that have submitted their EOI's, be reunited with their loved ones. 

I am pleading with you, the New Zealand public to help us get the attention of the Right Honourable Immigration Minister and Our Prime Minister to make a decision that sees our family, and other families be together.