I would like to bring light to my case, to make the court system aware that I am here.

I would like to bring light to my case, to make the court system aware that I am here.

March 2, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Quanita Darden

So the reason for this is to put a spotlight on the system here in Virginia. In which the last Governor had finally started to realize that was broken herein the State of Virginia. Ex-Governor Ralph Northam worked a day in and out to restore the broken system. He believed that incarceration was meant to teach and build the minds of Men and Women who had broken the law. He also understood that keeping certain people incarcerated for 50+ years wasn't the answer. He believed in second chances to those who had shown that they deserved it. Ex-Governor Ralph Northam issued over 1,200 pardons during his four-year term --- more than 9 previous governors combined in Virginia. The office reviewed more than 4,000 pardon petitions during his term. He also restored the civil rights of more than 126,000 people who had completed their sentences.

So now the new governor didn't like what the Parole Board was doing and made it public that on Day One in office he would fire the Parole Board. In which he did. Now let's think for a minute. With all the things that are going on in the State of Virginia firing the Parole Board would be the first. WHY?? (1). There's no secret that VADOC Virginia Department Of Correctional is mainly made up of African Americans. (2). There's no secret that Virginia has more prisons than any other state in the United States. (3). There's no secret that the Virginia prisons system is overpopulated. So if I qualify and meet the criteria to be released back into society then why hold me back ??

New Appointments By New Governor Parole Board :

* Chadwick Dotson of Wise County, Chairman

* Tracy Banks, legal services project manager at Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

* Cheryl Nici-O'Connell of Chesterfield County, former law enforcement officer who was seriously wounded by a shot to the face

* Hank Partin, Sheriff, of Montgomery county

* Carmen Williams of Chesterfield County, lawyer

The new governor's nomination is Fauquier Sheriff Robert P. "Bob" Mosier as Virginia's next Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security. The new Governor had said his new pick that he believes in fully funding and raising pay for law enforcement officers, Protecting qualified immunity.


Did you know how dismantled the Conviction Integrity Unit just got ??
Lawyers in the former Attorney General's Conviction Integrity Unit who were working on WRONGFUL CONVICTION CASES WERE TERMINATED BY THE NEW AG, Jason Miyares.

What are the answers?? Making it harder for someone to leave prison has never been the answer. The Parole Board already had a less than 10% release rate and that was too high for the new governor. Now they ask how do you fix the problem. Well here's a suggestion, you ask the person who created the problem. There is an 80% chance that the person who leaves prison returns. What we need is better programs in the Virginia prison system that will teach us various things. Instead of how to fix a toilet and paint walls. How about implementing courses where we can learn how to work on things where we can better our future and continue to strive and become better citizens to our community. Just because we have a record shouldn't hold us back from achieving and doing things that the next person can accomplish that doesn't have a criminal record. We should be able to apply and received a job just like the next person. My record shouldn't hold me back from living life. Like a Man or Woman, we are born to provide and live life to its fullest that's the American Dream right ?? Life without boundaries. When one falls down instead of keeping them down you uplift them ?? You help them right their wrongs. I have been incarcerated for over 16 years now. I was 17 when I came in and I'm 33 now. Charged with murder and I never once ever shot, stabbed, poked, or killed anyone. Check it out yourself Case No. CR07001474-00.

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Signatures: 34Next Goal: 50
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